St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel Summer Music Festival was the idea of Pastor Joseph McCabe as informal recitals of violinist Gene Andrie and organist Karen Burgan. In the 1980’s the recitals evolved into benefit concerts. Today, the festival is offered for the enjoyment of fine music in a superb acoustical setting with a spectacular view of the Pintlers and Georgetown Lake.

20 Years of Music

1995 Season
Muir String Quartet
Eugene Andrie, violin;
Ray Gustafson, organ;
Ruth Gustafson, violin

1996 Season
Tiroler Kammerchor Worgl
Muir String Quartet
Yellowstone Brass Quintet

1997 Season
Kapelle Funfzehn
Muir String Quartet
Lucien Hut, piano & Eugene Andrie, violin
Anne Baskinski, soprano, David Coce, tenor
Kenneth Christiensen, piano

1998 Season
AOH Pipes & Drums
Hogan & Hastings
Jan Halmes, piano
Muir String Quartet
Bozeman Flute & Harp Ensemble
Harpsichord Benefit Concert

1999 Season
Gloria Clark Quartet
Maria Lambros, viola
Suzanne Carey, soprano;
Steven Hesla, piano
Muir String Quartet
TAylor Eigsti, jazz pianist
Opus IV 0 vocal quartet

2000 Season
William Hopson-Alphorn with
Elizabeth Nick & Steve Burgess
Muir String Quartet
Meeting Halfway – Ann Basinski, soprano
David Cody, tenor
Steve Hesla, piano
Maxine Ramey Trio
Maggie Schuberg, flute
Dorothy Peterson, piano,
Maxine Ramey, clarinet
Butte Symphony Brass Quintet &
Oliver Huang, piano &
Nathan Shuttlesworth, violin

2001 Season
Montana Trombone Chorale
David Ying, cello &
Eleanor Freer, piano
Muir String Quartet
Stuart Weber, classical guitar

2002 Season
Missoula Symphony Brass Quintet
The Montana Mandolin Society
Muir String Quartet
Jan Halmes & Lucien Hut, two pianos
Young Artists Concert:
Alexandra Antonioli, piano;
Aimee Hechanova, violin with
Steven Hesla, piano

2003 Season
Good Time Jazz Ensemble
Missoula Symphony Chorale
Members of the Muir Quartet with Guests
Albert Kim, piano
Triple Treat: John Driscoll, trumpet
with Jody Graves, piano
Oliver Huang, piano
Brian Heald, baritone with
Ruth Rotondi, piano
Taylor Eigsti Jazz Trio

2004 Season
Parforce Horn Ensemble
Members of the Muir Quartet with Guests
Jane Thorngren, soprano with
Jane Halmes, piano
Stephen Beus, piano
Young Artists Concert:
Werner Cello Quartet & Alice Woo, cello
with Hye-Ran Yu, piano

2005 Season
Wilbur Rehmann Jazz Quartet
Members of the Muir Quartet with Guest
Coro Nuevo
Celtic Dragon Pipe Band
Megan & Christopher Wallace
Curt Olds

2006 Season
Young Pianists, Nicholas Huang & Emily Stearns
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
Byron Wallis, violin & Avedis Manoogian, piano
Melina Pyron, soprano, Molly Morrison, piano
Taylor Eigsti Trio

2007 Season
Jeni Fleming Trio
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
Stephen Beus, piano
Adam Platt & Kelly Roberti
The Werner Quartet

2008 Season
Young Artists Abby Swidler & Tess Michel
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guest
Don Collins & Nita Smith
Jim Rotondi & David Morgenroth
Ben Kreith, violin Tawnya Popoff, violin
& Jessie Knowles, piano

2009 Season
Eden Atwood, jazz vocals
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
Jim Salestrom, guitar & vocals
Karen Herrin, soprano, Ruth Rotondi, piano
& Sutton Smith, flute
Barbara Blegen & Steven Hesla, dueling pianos

2010 Season
Margery McDuffie Whatley, piano
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
The New Big Sky Singers
Gallatin Woodwind Quintet
Louis Rassaby, cello, Sarah Broomell, piano

2011 Season
Bel Canto
Coty Hogue
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
Michele Hemmings, Elissa Johnston,
two sopranos & Shawn Kirchner, piano
Randall Atcheson, piano
Synergy Brass Quintet

2012 Season
Gallatin Woodwind Quintet
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
Michael Partington, classical guitar
The New Big Sky Singers
The Werner Chamber Trio

2013 Season
Bel Canto
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
Brig Urias, classical guitar
Ringling 5
Jim Rotondi, trumpet &
David Morgenroth, piano

2014 Season
Heavenly Harps, Joy & Karin Gunderson
Members of the Muir Quartet & Guests
James Schlender, violin & Craig Hall, acoustic guitar
Eden Atwood & Guests, jazz vocals
The Werner Cello Quartet

2015 Season
Luca Rodoni Jazz Ensemble
Montana Chamber Music Society with Muir Members & Guests
The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass 50th Celebration
CanAm Piano Duo
Drum Brothers