Would you be willing to make a donation to help support the St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel Summer Music Festival and keep the music playing for years to come?

Music Lovers,
The summer season is upon us, and at St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel, we are thrilled to announce our 2023 Summer Music Festival, featuring an extraordinary lineup of award-winning musicians performing at Georgetown Lake, Montana.
Our concerts bring together stunning landscapes, exceptional musical talent, and a unique acoustical setting, providing a delightful experience for our attendees. As a nonprofit organization, St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel relies on the support of generous individuals like you to continue offering world-class music performances in Montana.
Our goal is to create an unforgettable musical experience while providing a platform for some of the most accomplished musicians to showcase their talent. We depend on the support of our community to keep our music festival alive.
By making a charitable donation, you will not only be helping our nonprofit organization but also enabling us to continue offering this unique cultural experience to people of all ages and backgrounds.
Please consider making a donation today to support the St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel Summer Music Festival. Your contribution will go directly to funding our programming and ensuring we can bring exceptional music to our community.
We thank you for your support, and we hope to see you at our concerts soon.
The St. Timothy’s Memorial Chapel Summer Music Festival Team